Carey Price Pulling a Roy?

Carey Price, all world goalie for the Montreal Canadiens remains in Montreal while the Habs travel to Ottawa for a matchup with the Senators Saturday night. While his team mates hit the ice at the Canadian Tire Center Price will be home battling “the flu”. Or is he, could it be that something more, something much much bigger  is going on behind the scenes?

Fresh off a World Cup Championship and owner of Olympic gold as well could it be that Price longs for something more? Something made of silver? A silver chalice? A Stanley Cup perhaps? Has Price decided his best chance to sip from Lord Stanleys mug lies beyond the borders of Quebec? It makes you ponder if the summer trading of PK Subban by the Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien regime was the spark for Price to stage a Patrick Roy, “I’ve played my last game in Montreal” revolution. Are the Habs looking to move him? Is it possible the shocking trade of Norris Trophy winner Subban was the final nail in the coffin and Price wants out of Montreal? The Canadiens would receive a kings ransom for him in players and picks and set the franchise up for immediate success. When Roy pulled his infamous stunt in 1995 the Canadiens were being run by a duo almost as bad as the current one. Rejean Houle and Mario Tremblay. Is it possible the Canadiens are about to bid au revoir to another franchise goalie?

Curious and strange times in Montreal, is it really just the flu? Or is there something more going on? Time will tell the tale.

Any team would love to have Carey Price manning the goal. Going to have to watch this one.



That’s how I see it, from the bleacher seats.


NFL Week 6 Picks

Here are my not so expert week six picks for the NFL.

Thursday Night Football:

Denver @ San Diego – Broncos

Sunday Games:

San Francisco @ Buffalo  – Bills

Jacksonville @ Chicago  – Jaguars

LA Rams @ Detroit   – Lions

Pittsburgh @ Miami   – Steelers

Cinncinati @ New England   – Patriots

Carolina @ New Orleans   – Saints (my upset pick of the week)

Baltimore @ NY Giants   – Ravens

Philadelphia @ Washington   – Eagles

Cleveland @ Tennessee   – Titans

Kansas City @ Oakland   – Raiders

Dallas @ Green Bay   – Packers

Atlanta @ Seattle   – Falcons

Indianapolis @ Houston   – Texans

Monday Night Football:

NY Jets @ Arizona   – Cardinals

The wise will not take my picks as expert or pro. Save your mortgage payment and grocery money for more useful purposes.

Should be tons of close games this weekend. At least that’s how I see it, from the bleacher seats.








NHL Predictions

The NHL season has finally arrived. It seems like only yesterday we watched the Penguins win Lord Stanleys mug. Here for your perusal, are my early season predictions. The wise will not travel to Vegas and wager their mortgage money or kids college funds based on my musings. Enjoy.


Frank Calder Trophy (rookie of the year):

1) Austin Matthews (Toronto) 2) Ivan Provorov (Philadelphia) 3) Dylan Strome (Arizona)


James Norris Trophy (top defenceman):

1) PK Subban (Nashville) 2) Drew Doughty (Los Angeles) 3) Erik Karlsson (Ottawa)


William M Jennings Trophy (team with best gaa) :

1)Anaheim Ducks  2) Los Angeles  Kings 3) Washington Capitals


George Vezina Trophy (best goalie):

1) Braydon Holtby (Washington) 2) Carey Price (Montreal) 3) Jonathan Quick (Los Angeles)


Art Ross Trophy (leading scorer):

1) Patrick Kane (Chicago) 2) Conner McDavid (Edmonton) 3) Jamie Benn (Dallas)


(Dr David) Hart Memorial Trophy (most valuable player)

1) Conner McDavid 2) Patrick Kane (Chicago) 3) Carey Price (Montreal)


Stanley Cup (playoff champion) :

Tampa Bay Lightning    runners up : (San Jose Sharks)


Conn Smythe Trophy (playoffs mvp) :

Steven Stamkos  (Tampa Bay)  runnerup : Joe Pavelski (San Jose)


These are my fearless predictions. I will update my choices at the midway point of the season. Puck drop is almost here, time to play some hockey!!

That is how I see it, from the bleacher seats.

Enjoy the season everyone, should be a fun ride.


Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I hope everyone takes a moment to ponder all they are blessed to have.

I’m grateful I have a loving wife that I couldn’t get through life without. A son that makes me proud in many ways. Without family there is nothing.  For friends and family both near and far. For the roof over my head, for the truck and car in the driveway and the fridge and freezer my spouse keeps filled with delectable goodies. I’m grateful for simple things in life, the Timmies coffee Sue Fawn brings home every Friday, for smalltalk at the rink or football field. For the love and support of those nearest and dearest. For the time spent with Ryan be it fishing or losing at Madden. For the memories of family and friends that have left their mortal coil. For a country where one can voice their opinion, be who they are without fear of reprisal. Is life perfect? No, but it is pretty damn good and I am grateful for all I am fortunate enough to enjoy, and thats how I see it from the bleacher seats.

Pictures are from the dinner I will be grateful to enjoy this evening with my family. Happy Thanksgiving to all, be grateful for what you are blessed with. I know I am.20161010_094919

Scalloped potatoes, ready for the oven.


Pie dough ready.


Bird stuffed with extra stuffing foiled.


Filling for my apple pie.


Pie is ready for the oven.


Pie is done. Looks good and smells good. I hope it tastes good.



Bird and stuffing good to go!!


Scalloped potatoes ready for the table.

Our house isn’t the biggest, our bank account isn’t overflowing and we may not have the fanciest toys, but what I do have a wealth of is family and love for them. I wish each and every one a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day, enjoy the excellent meal a loved one prepares for you. But most of all, enjoy the company you are in. We aren’t promised tomorrow, so make sure you enjoy each moment today.



NFL Game Picks Week 5

My not so expert picks for week 5:

Thursday Night:

Arizona vs San Francisco – Cardinals

Sunday :

Houston vs Minnesota – Vikings

Washington vs Baltimore – Ravens

New England vs Cleveland – Patriots

Philadelphia vs Detriot – Eagles

Chicago vs Indianapolis – Bears (my upset pick)

Tennessee vs Miami – Titans

New York Jets vs Pittsburgh – Steelers

Atlanta vs Denver – Denver

Cinncinati vs Dallas – Bengals

Buffalo vs LA Rams – Buffalo

San Diego vs Oakland – Raiders

Sunday Night:

New York Giants vs Green Bay – Packers

Monday Night:

Tampa Bay vs Carolina – Panthers


These are my not so perfect picks. The wise will not wager mortgage payments or college funds based on my selections.

This weeks NFL results, as I see them, from the bleacher seats.