Football Coaches

Another season of football has come to a close. While it didn’t conclude the way our team envisioned it was a reasonable success.  Our son now plays at the Bantam level (age 14 & 15). A hockey related injury to his back cut his season short but he loved his time on the field for practice, games and cheering his team mates while injured.

The purpose of this entry is an expression of gratitude to my sons coaches current and past. Shane Galloway, Dan Roling and Jay Allen. They put in countless hours of work in to teach our boys how to play the game properly. How to be improve their abilities with hard work and practice. How to be a good teammate and a better person.

The excellent coaching, encouragement and guidance our son has received has resulted in him going from a 10 play a game rookie centre to a team Defensive Player of the Year, a VMFL Champion, a Provincial Championships MVP and a North Delta Longhorn of the Year Award winner.

Ryan loves football, loves the weather in the fall and loves the physical aspect of the game.

Our sons game has developed, grown and improved because he loves the game, works hard at it and has received excellent coaching. As a father I have loved watching my sons game improve and want to thank his coaches for volunteering their time and giving Ryan a chance to not only play but turn into the player he is today. Thank you Shane, Dan and Jay. The awards Ryan has won are as much yours as they are his. He never would have won them without your efforts. Thank you to the North Delta Longhorns for giving our son a place to play and grow his game. Coaches are volunteers, without them giving of their time and themselves there would be no teams. If you have a son or daughter on a team, take a moment and thank their coaches.


Did We Really Land on the Moon? Part – 4 Lighting and Shadows

All photographs taken by Apollo astronauts on the lunar surface were taken with natural lighting. This means the only source of light used was the sun. There were no lamps or other lighting fixtures available for use at any point. It is important to keep this in mind as we proceed.

Scientific Fact:  Any and all objects lit by a single source such as the sun must have their shadows run in parallel lines. Much like railroad tracks appear, single source shadows never cross each other, never appear at different angles. A simple picture of a forest lit up by the sun provides an excellent example.


Incredibly this is not the case when we look at the Apollo moon photographs. In this photo there are three separate shadows. If you follow their direction you will find they will intersect. This is only possible with the use of multiple sources of light which NASA says they did not use.


Here again is another example of a picture taken using multiple light sources. Notice how the shadows are cast at different angles. Impossible if using the sun as the only source of light.


Here we see it again.


And here yet again.


Shadows however are not the only issue arising from the single light source problem. In the photo below we see an astronaut exiting the lunar lander. Nothing suspicious about that, until we take a closer look. The shadow of the lander indicate the sun was on the far side of the lander when the picture was taken. Everything in the shadowed area should be dark or darkened yet here is the astronaut decending the lander clearly lit and in perfect detail. This can only be a result of backlighting or multiple light sources which NASA denies.


In the photo, taken as Buzz Aldrin exits the lunar lander you can see a visible hot spot of light on the heel of his right boot. Again, this is impossible without a secondary light source.



In this picture Aldrin seems centered in a spotlight.


This photo contains a mysterious footprint. All Apollo boots have identical soles, yet this footprint is different.


Note the boot only has horizontal ribbing on the soles. Yet when you view this photograph you see something else.


Perhaps a stagehand failed to remove all evidence before photo was taken?

Many people think the moon landimg was faked at the U.S. military base at Groom Lake in Nevada. This is also known as Area 51.


Trespassers onto this high security base can be shot on sight without warning. Using blast craters left over from nuclear bomb tests would make for an excellent simulation of the lunar landscape.



Others think the moon landings were faked by film director Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick made an eerily similar movie in 1978 about NASA faking a landing on Mars.



Interesting Links: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon.–s4ZfbAhVK92MKHTgYAcIQo7QBCBwwAA&usg=AOvVaw2Z_17gpk7PgXb1vMdji0xO

Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land On The Moon?


Thanks for reading, make your own decision. Did we really go to the moon?

Did We Really Land on the Moon? Part 3 – Photographic Issues

In part 3 we will take a close look at the photographic record of Apollo as our search for fakery and deception continues.

The “C” Rock: Among the photos taken of the lunar surface is found an unusual moon rock. This rock clearly has the letter “C” marked on it. How can this be if Apollo 11 and its crew were the first lunar visitors? Were space aliens using english? Or, is the rock marked “C” so people arranging a fake moon setting would know where to place it? This technique is often used in the production of movies. Place an item marked as “A” on the set in the place also designated as “A”.


What makes this particular picture even more curious is that further checking of the photographic record reveals the same picture with the “C” now cropped out. Evidence of fakery and an attempt at covering it up?


Who Took This Photo?: If we are to believe what NASA says and accept that Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, then who took this picture?


Crosshair/Fiducial Issues: Within the class of Apollo moon hoax claims of evidence, there’s the giant category of photography and videography. Within that, there is a reasonable chunk of a few claims that deal with the crosshairs – also known as “fiducials.” There are numerous anomalies that deal with these crosshairs, and this section is meant to examine them.

What are the crosshairs? The fiducials were etched onto a glass plate, each fiducial having a width of 0.1 mm (100 µm). They were etched in so as to be perpendicular/parallel with the edges of the glass plate. The center crosshair was larger than the others.

This plate was then inserted into the cameras between the lens and the film. Therefore, the crosshairs should all appear “on top of” anything in the photographs, and they should be aligned with the original image boundaries.

Part of the reason for having these was to determine the distances to objects when taking stereo pairs of images. As seen in the images below, this clearly not the case. Have these pictures been edited? Faked?

fakedfaked 2fake3fake4

Faked Backgrounds? : Other issues concerning the photographic record include faked settings and backgrounds. For instance, compare this photo of the moons surface with one taken in Mauna Key Hawaii.


Now compare these two photographs. Keep in mind that the lunar module did not move from the time it landed on the surface until the time it lifted off to rejoin the command module in orbit.


Where did the landing module go?

These pictures were taken at two separate times, in two separate places yet the background is exactly the same. How can this be explained?


In these photographs we find the exact same backgrounds, yet the foreground in each picture is different.


Multiple Light Sources? – To Be Continued in Part 4.

Did We Really Land on the Moon? – Part 2 Apollo 11

For the purposes of this venture we will focus on NASA’s Apollo 11 flight. The first manned craft to land a man on the moon and return him to earth. The Apollo 11 timeline is as follows.

Apollo 11 was launched by a Saturn V rocket from Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Florida, on July 16 at 9:32 am EDT (13:32 UTC) and was the fifth manned mission of NASA‘s Apollo program. The Apollo spacecraft had three parts: a command module (CM) with a cabin for the three astronauts, and the only part that returned to Earth; a service module (SM), which supported the command module with propulsion, electrical power, oxygen, and water; and a lunar module (LM) that had two stages – a descent stage for landing on the Moon, and an ascent stage to place the astronauts back into lunar orbit.

After being sent to the Moon by the Saturn V’s third stage, the astronauts separated the spacecraft from it and traveled for three days until they entered into lunar orbit. Armstrong and Aldrin then moved into the lunar module Eagle and landed in the Sea of Tranquility. They stayed a total of about 21.5 hours on the lunar surface. The astronauts used Eagles upper stage to lift off from the lunar surface and rejoin Collins in the command module. They jettisoned Eagle before they performed the maneuvers that blasted them out of lunar orbit on a trajectory back to Earth. They returned to Earth and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on July 24 after more than eight days in space.

The landing was broadcast on live TV to a worldwide audience. Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface and described the event as “one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” Apollo 11 effectively ended the Space Race and fulfilled a national goal proposed in 1961 by U.S. President John F. Kennedy: “before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.”

Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the first two humans on the Moon. Mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin, both American, landed the lunar module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTC. Armstrong became the first human to step onto the lunar surface six hours after landing on July 21 at 02:56:15 UTC; Aldrin joined him about 20 minutes later. They spent about two and a quarter hours together outside the spacecraft, and collected 47.5 pounds (21.5 kg) of lunar material to bring back to Earth. Michael Collins piloted the command module Columbia alone in lunar orbit while they were on the Moon’s surface. Armstrong and Aldrin spent just under a day on the lunar surface before rejoining Columbia in lunar orbit.

Was the Landing Faked? –  Here we will look at evidence that the lunar landing was indeed faked by NASA.

1 – Van Allen Radiation Belts. In order to get to the moon Apollo 11 would have to travel through the Van Allen Radiation belts that encompass the earth. Moving through the belts would expose any human traveller to massive doses of lethal radiation. Think for a moment of when you are at the dentist. The big heavy padding put on your chest for protection from a split second of radiation, the dose from a single xray. Apollo 11 would have spent a lengthy amount of time immersed in the Van Allen radiation yet the module containg the astronauts had no lead lining for protection. To provide enough protection to keep the crew safe from harm would have required so much lead the capsule would have been to heavy to ever obtain liftoff.


2 – Air Conditioning. In order for the crew to survive the intense heat of space Apollo 11 needed to provide a way to cool the air inside the capsule and the astronauts space suits for use outside on the surface. NASA claims they used the equivelent of 6 car batteries to operate the Apollo 11 cooling system. This system would have needed to be running for almost 8 days, virtually the entire duration of the journey. How can this be? Try turning the headlights on in your car without the engine running and see how long your battery lasts. Then remind yourself Apollo 11 had to run air conditioning constantly on only 6 car batteries for 8 days. Seems very unlikely.



3 –  The Landing. Just months before the first moon landing, Neil Armstrong was squeezing in a few more practice landings. In an altogether disconcerting turn of events, the lunar lander exploded during practice. Fortunately, as seen below Armstrong was able to eject and survided the explosion.


If we couldn’t get the moon lander to operate safely on earth how did we manage to get it to function properly on the moon? Not only once with Apollo 11, but for every manned trip to the moon.

Lunar Dust: The surface of the moon is coated with dust, so how can it be that the lunar lander with a huge rocket underneath it failed to stir up any dust upon landing? Or for that matter, why is there no blast crater under the module where the sheer force and heat of the underlying rocket would have blown a hole into the lunar dust? As you can clearly see below the dust on the surface has not been disturbed nor is there a blast crater beneath the lander.


Waving Flag: The moon has no atmosphere. The lack of an atmosphere means that unlike here on Earth there are no weather systems. More importantly, on the moon there is no wind. Incredibly though, the flag planted by the Apollo 11 flight crew can clearly be seen flapping or undulating in a nonexistent breeze.


The Photographic Record: To be continued in Part 3.

Did We Really Land on the Moon? Part -1

Landing a man on the moon is the greatest acheivement in the history of mankind. But did it really happen? Did NASA and the U.S. government fake the lunar landing to win the so called space race with the Soviet Union?

This article will look at the moon landing and attempt to investigate, lay out the evidence and let you decide.

Time for our personal lift-off into the unknown, buckle up some of the following is sure to amaze and surprise you.

Background: To fully understand the magnitude of the space race between the Soviet Union one must realize that after the conclusion of WW2 the Americans and the Soviets stood alone as the two great world military powers. Each with conflicting views and attitudes towards each others system of government. Military and arms build up by each country in an attempt to show each as the best and most powerful. This time period is historically referred to as the “Cold War”.

Part of the Cold War was conquering space. Below is a small timeline of how the race played itself out.

The Space Race: Oct 4th 1957 – Soviets launch Sputnik 1. The first artificial sattelite and first object able to send signals from space back to earth. This causes fear among the U.S. of the Soviets being able to drop nuclear bombs onto U.S. soil from space.

Nov 3rd 1957 – Soviets put first living creature (a dog named Laika) into orbit. Unfortunately Laika died from overheating within hours of overheating.

Sept 14th 1959 – Soviets land first man made object on the moon. Luna 2.

Oct 7th 1959 – Soviets take first pictures of dark side of the moon. Luna 3.

July 5th 1960 – First U.S. spy sattelite successfully launched. GRAB-1- NLR.

April 12th 1961 – Soviets launch first manned orbital spaceflight. Yuri Gagarin. Vostok 1.

May 5th 1961- U.S. launches first pilot controlled space flight. Also first spaceflight to return to earth with pilot still inside spacecraft. Alan Shepherd. Freedom 7.

April 3rd 1966 –  Soviets are first to have artificial sattelite orbit the moon. Luna 10.

Dec 21st 1968 – U.S. first to have manned craft orbit the moon and return to earth.  Apollo 8.

July 20th 1969 – U.S. first to land manned spacecraft on the surface of the moon and return crew safely to earth. Apollo 11.

As you can see, the space race was serious business with each country desparate to outdo the other. For the purpose of this article we will focus on NASA and the Apollo part of their space program.

While John Glenn and Buzz Aldrin were the first to set foot on the moon (Micheal Collins remained in the orbiting command module) they weren’t the crew originally planned to make the historic journey. Who was? What happened? Lets have a look.

Gus Grissom & Apollo 1 : Gus Grissom was a decorated pilot in both WW2 and the Korean war. After going through the Mercury and Gemini space programs and becoming involved in the Apollo space programs Grissom was widely thought to be the man who would be first to walk on the moon.

A dedicated austronaut but highly critical of perceived flaws in the Apollo program Grissom once hung a lemon on an Apollo space capsule and while having communication problems between capsule and NASA launch headquarters famously said “how are we gonna get to the Moon if we can’t talk between two or three buildings?”

Tragically Grissom and his crew (Roger Chaffee and Ed White) dies in a fire erupted in their capsule during preflight testing. Was it simply a horrible accident? Or was Grissom silenced for his outspoken opinions on NASA deficiencies?

The Flight of Apollo 11 : to be continued in Part 2.


J.F.K. – Part 3

Questions, Answers & Little Known Facts

Lee Harvey Oswald : U.S. Marine trained in Russian language and based at top secret U.S. base in Atsugi Japan. Defected to Soviet Union in October 1959 and returned to the United States in June of 1962. Oswalds Marine rifle testing (for accuracy) results in a rating of “marksman”. The lowest military ranking of “expert”, “sharpshooter” and “marksman”.

This may seem simple enough until one asks a few questions such as how did someone with little over $200.00 in his bank account pay for a $1500.00 trip to the Soviet Union? Oswald asked for and received a new passport from U.S. Consulate in two days as well as clearance to bring his Russian wife back with him to the U.S. Oswald is never arrested for treason upon his return to the United States, never interorgated by the F.B.I. or the C.I.A. In fact, the U.S. State Department loaned Oswald the money to return home. Oswald worked on the top secret U2 spy plane program while at Atsugi. The Soviet Union shot down a U.S. U2 play over Soviet territory and thought was Oswald may have provided enough information to the Soviets to allow them to gun down Francis Gary Powers spy plane in 1960.

I find that the ease with which Oswald moved from the United States to the Soviet Union and back highly suspicious. My feeling is that Oswald went to Russia as part of a covert spying operation run by the C.I.A,. and or military intelligence. I can find no other reason for him not being arrested or interrogated upon his return to the United States.

Oswald begins working at the Texas School Book Depository on October 16th 1963. A little more than a month before the assassination happens. A very convenient job opportunity.

J.F.K. cancelled a scheduled visit to Chicago on November 2nd 1963 after a plot to assassinate him in a motorcade from O’Hare airport was reported to the F.B.I. and the Secret Service. According to former Kennedy body guard Abraham Boldin the warning came from an informant named “Lee”.

This has always struck me as more than just coincidence. Was Oswald a low level C.I.A. operative infiltrating subversive groups and reporting information back to his superiors?

At 12:25pm on Nov 22 1963 Oswald is seen eating his lunch alone in the 2nd floor lunch room of the T.S.B.D. An odd place to be five minutes before shooting the President from a 6th floor window. Mere moments after the shooting Oswald is seen purchasing a coke from main floor vending machine. This is allegedly after doing the shooting, hiding the rifle at the far end of the 6th floor, running down six flights of stairs while passing two coworkers who never saw him and calmly walking to coke machine where building superintendant Roy Truly confirms to a Dallas police officer that he was a building employee. No panic, no sweat? Incredible that the assassin could be so calm immediately after murdering the President.

Oswald then simply walks out of the Depository and heads for home. Oswald hails a taxi but gives it up to an elderly lady and takes a public bus instead. Odd behavior for a fleeing assassin don’t you think?

Oswald returns to his rooming house in Oak Cliff, picks up a jacket and his handgun. Lady that ran the rooming house reported that while Oswald was there a Dallas Police car pulled up out front and honked twice. She states the police car had the number ten on it. Records show that on Nov 22 1963 the Dallas Police Department had no car marked as number ten in its records.

Oswald then departs the rooming house and proceeds on foot to the Texas Movie Theater.

Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippet is gunned down on the street  in Dallas suburb called Oak Cliff after stopping a pedestrian to question him.  None of the eyewitnesses identify Lee Harvey Oswald from a photo lineup and instead claimed the shooter was a heavy set man. Bullets recovered from shooting are marked with identifying symbols by Dallas police. These marks are missing from the bullets when checked for verification later. Lee Harvey Oswalds handgun would not fire when he attempted to use it when being arrested at the Texas Theater. In fact, the firing pin was so  damaged it had to be replaced by Dallas Police in order to fire it before matching bullets to the Tippett shooting. If Oswalds gun wouldnt fire in the movie theater, how could he have used it to murder Tippett?

Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested in the Texas Movie Theater after a neighboring store employee reported witnessing someone sneak in without paying. The police response for this two dollar crime? Thirty police cars, FBI and Secret Service agents flood the area and theater to make thecarrest. This strikes me as an overly excessive response for a minor offence.

Oswald claimed he was “just a patsy” and “no sir, I didnt shoot anyone” after being arrested. Oswald held and questioned in Dallas police department. He makes public request for legal assistance at which point any and all questioning should have ceased. No mention of Oswald receiving his miranda rights is ever noted. No recording of his interrogation is made by recorder or written.

After his arrest Dallas police give Oswald a Paraffin test which is used  to check for chemicals, on his cheeks. Anyone firing a rifle or handgun ends up with residue from the gun on their hands and face if firing a rifle or on the hands if they’ve fired a handgun. The nature of Oswalds job handling books can also give a positive result due  to to the compounds that make up inks used in print. The results? Negative, clearly indicating Oswald had not fired a rifle on November 22 1963.

Oswald is shot by Dallas night club owner Jack Ruby in police department cellar while being transported to Dallas County Jail.

Who gave Ruby access? How did he know what time Oswald was being transferred?

The Shooting:  The official record states that Oswald shot President Kennedy from a sixth floor window of the Texas Schoolbook Depository as he traveled down Elm Street in a motorcade. According to the government findings Oswald fired three shots in 5.9 seconds into the motorcade. One missed and hit bystander James Tague. The second hit Kennedy in the back, exited his throat and injured Governor Connolly. The third hit Kennedy in the head.

I find it curious that Oswald as a lone assassin waited to fire until the motorcade turned onto Elm Street at which point he was forced to fire into a car moving away and in a downward slope from him and through a tree obstructing his view. A much easier shot would have been while the motorcade was on Houston Street. Moving directly towards the Book Depository on a level street and slowing to make a left hand turn. If you were going to try and kill the President wouldnt you take the easiest shot option available? To me this clearly indicates multiple shooters waiting for the car to be in the best place for multiple gunmen to fire. This is often referred to as triangulation of fire.

The Weapon : The official record states that Lee Harvey Oswald used a 6.5mm Italian made Mannlicher Carcano rifle allegedly obtained with a mail order to Kleins Sporting Goods company based in Chicago and delivered to a  A. J. Hidell (a known Oswald alias) at a Dallas mailbox rented by Oswald.

Original police report stated the rifle found in the Book Depository was a German made Mauser.  The original police report also notes only two spent cartridges were found on sixth floor floor. Updated report stating three shells were found after a  Dallas police officer stated he carried the third shell in his pocket for two days before reporting it.

The Mannlicher Carcano was a cheap Italian made WW2 rifle. To test fire it the Warren Comission experts had to use shims on the scope to make it useable. Why use such a poor weapon to commit such a major shooting? Ive never understood why Oswald would order the weapon and have it delivered to a mailbox rented in his name when he could have walked into any store in Texas, given a false name and purchased any weapon he chose which would have made it untraceable.

The F.B.I. sent all evidence including the rifle to Washington for testing. J.Edgar Hoover, head of the F.B.I. reported that the rifle had been completely disassembled but no fingerprints were found anywhere on the weapon. Yet incredibly, once the rifle was returned to Dallas the police report that they had a palm print on the gun barrel that matched Oswald. How can that be? Well, the funeral home that had Oswalds body stated that F.B.I. agents had been at the funeral home to inspect Oswalds body before burial and had the rifle with them. Mortician also reported he had a difficult time removing ink from Oswalds hand in time for the funeral. On this I truly believe the Dallas police or F.B.I. fabricated evidence by putting the rifle in Oswalds dead hand. An attempt to seal the deal and prove guilt.

The Presidents Car: While watching the Zapruder film it is easy to see there are no Secret Service agents on either the Presidents cars siderails or on steps at back of the car.  Odd behavior considering the hostile environment and warnings received about assassination attempts being made. The windshield has clearly easy to see bullet damage in it as seen in pictures taken at Parkland Hospital. This damage is only possible from a bullet coming from in front of the car.

Lyndon Johnson almost immediately has Kennedys car cleaned, torn down and reassembled destroying any possible evidence in it.

Parkland Hospital Oddities: Jack Ruby is seen by local newsman Seth Cantor carrying tv equipment into Parkland. Ruby denies being there to Warren Comission which states Cantor was mistaken.

Bullet found on a stretcher in hospital hallway. Stretcher is never confirmed as either Kennedys or Connollys. This bullet, found in almost pristine condition becomes Comission Exhibit 399 (CE399), also known as the “magic bullet”.  Possibly planted by Ruby?

Parkland Doctors report a small entrance wound in Presidents throat as well as massive exit wound in the right occipital (right rear) area of his head. Incredibly autopsy report states throat wound is an exit and head is an entrance wound. Completely different observations from two completely different sets of Doctors.

Kennedy is wrapped in a sheet, his head also wrapped in a white sheet and body placed into high grade bronze casket for trip to Washington. This conflicts with reports from Bethesda Hospital that body arrived in grey body bag inside cheap transport casket.

Secret Service demands body be released by Parkland for autopsy in Washington. Dr Earl Rose insists Texas law be followed and autopsy be completed in Dallas. After a lengthy confrontation the Secret Service leaves with the casket for Love Field and Washington.

Bethesda Naval Hospital Oddities :  Kennedys casket is unloaded from Air Force One and transported to Bethesda Naval Hospital. Various witnesses report different arrival times of the Kennedy casket. Some of those attending state coffin arrived at front door of hospital while others maintain it came in through the back.  Even the casket itself is called into question as some involved at Bethesda state the casket was a high quality bronze casket (the one Kennedy was placed in at Parkland) while others claim it was a plain shipping casket. The body in the bronze casket was wrapped in sheets as it was at Parkland while the body in the shipping casket was allegedly in a rubber body bag. David Liftons best selling book Best Evidence lays out a plot about body alteration to have Kennedys body match a shooting from the rear.

F.B.I. agents Seibert and O’Neil who attended the autopsy made record in their notes that Kennedy had  received surgery of the head area as noted by autopsy Drs Humes and Boswell. No surgery was done at Parkland Hospital except a tracheometry to the throat area.

While I feel its unlikely Liftons theory is completely correct it does raise some legitimate concerns about what occured between Dallas and Bethesda. Kennedy did not receive a proper autopsy, that much cannot be disputed. Wounds not matching photos or xrays. Conflicting reports between Parkland and Bethesda over wound locations and direction of shots only add to the confusion. Something is wrong here, but Ive never been able to fully understand how two separate groups of professionals could disagree so much on what should be obvious to them.

Other Strange Facts and Questions :  The Magic Bullet. CE399. For the Warren Report to be accurate, and the only way Lee Harvey Oswald could have acted alone you have to believe the following. Let’s assume for a moment the official record is correct. Oswalds first shot missed the motorcade entirely and wounded bystander James Tague who was standing by the triple overpass. The third and final shot hit Kennedy in the head. That leaves the second shot to account for all other wounds in Kennedy and Governor Connolly. Imagine in your mind the trajectory of this magic bullet as its described. The bullet enters Kennedys back then moves upwards in time to exit the Presidents throat. At this point the bullet stops in midair for 1.2 seconds before turning right, then left to enter Governor Connollys shoulder. Bullet then proceeds through Connolly injuring his fifth rib before exiting his chest and entering his right wrist. Damaging Connollys wrist it then exits and does a 180 degree turn and enters the Governors left thigh where it remains until found in pristine condition on a stretcher at Parkland Hospital. Seven wounds, stopping in midair, 180 degree turns passing through tough muscle and bone yet remaining virtually intact. Also, in any shooting the first shot should be the most accurate as it has the most available time for aiming. I have never found this explanation to be either valid or remotely believable. This truly is a Magic Bullet.

Yellow Paint On Curb : A little known fact is that someone painted two areas of yellow paint on the curb of Elm Street very shortly before the assassination. Facing the grassy knoll of the plaza the two stripes could have been used as a visual aid for a gunman on the knoll. The space between the areas painted yellow is where the final headshot struck. Coincidence? Something tells me otherwise.


My Conclusions: President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as the result of a conspiracy involving unknown individuals. I find that Lee Harvey Oswald not only didnt act alone but failed to fire a weapon at all on Nov 22 1963. I believe Oswald was a low level CIA informant reporting to higher level agents on Anti Castro extremist groups. I believe Jack Ruby murdered Oswald as a continuation of the conspiracy. I do not believe that rogue government agents were actively involved in the assassination but did in fact have prior knowledge of it and allowed it to occur. I believe the FBI and the CIA fabricated and destroyed evidence of a conspiracy involving multiple gunmen to avoid any implication that Cuba or the Soviet Union were involved thus avoiding an international incident. My feeling is that Kennedy was assassinated by a conspiracy involving weapons manufacturers fearing loss of income due to Kennedys refusal to invade Cuba and plan to withdraw from Vietnam. The Military Industrial Complex killed President Kennedy to ensure vast corporate earning due to military efforts overseas.

Had Lee Harvey Oswald survived and gone to trial he most certainly would have received a not guilty verdict. Virtually all the evidence used in investigations would have had to have been ruled inadmissable due to the violation of the “chain of command” rules. I believe Oswald was killed by conspirators to make sure he never got the chance to defend himself or expose what he knew about the Kennedy assassination.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to review and comment.




References: Crossfire by Jim Marrs, Best Evidence by David Lifton, Warren Report, House Select Committee on Assassinations,, Wikipedia, On the Trail of the Assassins by Jim Garrison,   (David Oates), J.F.K. film by Oliver Stone, (Jeff Rense), (Jim Marrs).

J.F.K. – Part 2

Parkland Hospital

President Kennedys motorcade arrives at Parkland Memorial Hospital at 12:36pm. He is rushed into trauma room number 1 while Governor Connolly is taken to trauma room number 2.

Kennedy is given a tracheotomy to assist breathing. This is done directly over a small bullet hole in his throat. This would is later determined to be an exit would by the Warren Commission. Drs Grossman and Clark examine Kennedys head wound and determine it was a mortal injury.

Doctors applied cardiac massage in an attempt to restart the Presidents heartbeat but after fifteen minutes resucitation efforts were stopped. Two Catholic Priests administered last rights and President Kennedy was declared dead at 1:00pm.

Kennedys body is cleaned, wrapped in a sheet and placed in a casket. Two trains of thought come up here that we will investigate later. Type of body preparations and type of casket used.

Governor Connolly also undergoes extensive surgey in trauma room number two and is expected to make a full recovery from his wounds.

At one point during the panic and stress of the situation a stretcher in the hallway is bumped or moved and a spent bullet is found. This bullet becomes known as C.E. 399 (Commissioners Exhibit) and the Magic Bullet. The stretchers origin is never clearly defined but is assumed to be the one used by staff to bring the Governor into the hospital. We will delve more into this later.

At 1:16pm Dallas Police first report the shooting of officer J. D. Tippet.

1:26pm Johnson leaves Parkland Hospital for Love Field.

Secret Service prepares to remove Kennedy for Love Field and return to Washington. Dallas coroner Dr Earl Rose insists that Texas State law demands Kennedy have autopsy in Dallas where the shooting took place. Secret Service with guns drawn force exit from Parkand and take Kennedys casket to Love Field.

At 1:33pm White House Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff announces that President Kennedy is dead. Kilduff and Parkland Doctors describe cause of death as massive bullet wound to Presidents head. Drs point to their right temple when describing the fatal wound.

Love Field

1:30pm Lyndon Johnson,variety of aides for Kennedy and Johnson and Secret Service personnel arrive at Love Field and board Air Force One. Johnson places phone call to Robert Kennedy from Air Force One at 1:40pm to express his sympathies.

After talking to his attorney friend Irving Goldman on the phone at 1:50pm it is determined that Judge Sarah Hughes will swear Johnson in as the 36th President before Air Force One departs Dallas. Kennedys casket along with Jackie and Secret Service agents arrives and is loaded onto Air Force One. Note to make here is the casket was too wide to be loaded onto plane so handles had to be removed from sides before casket was loaded onto AF One.

1:51pm Lee Harvey Oswald arrested at the Texas Theater in Dallas after report made of someone sneaking in without purchasing a ticket. Note that this two dollar crime led to thirty police cars and dozens of Secret Service agents rushing too the Texas Theater to make the arrest.

2:38pm Lyndon Johnson is sworn in as 36th President of the United States.

2:46pm Air Force One departs Love Field in Dallas for Washington.

Bethesda Memorial Naval Hospital

6:00pm (est) Air Force One arrives at Andrews Air Force Base. Robery Kennedy briefly boards AF One before JFKs casket is lowered and placed into a light grey Naval ambulance and transported to Bethesda for autopsy. Kennedy autopsy conducted by Drs J.J.Humes and Dr. Thomas Boswell. Various reports emerge regarding casket, condition of Kennedys body and autopsy procedure itself which we will review later.

After burning his original notes Dr Humes completes paperwork from memory. Autopsy concludes Kennedy was shot once in the back and once in the head with both shots coming from the right rear and above.

Kennedys body is moved to the East Wing of the White House for 24 hours before being moved by carriage to Capital Building to allow the public to pay respects and mourn. JFK funeral is on Monday at St Matthews Cathedral before being interred at Arlington Cemetary.

Rare Facts, Questions, What I Know and What I Think I Know

To be continued in J.FK. – Part 3









J.F.K. – Part 1



I’ve always been fascinated by the assassination of President Kennedy. From a young age I’ve read countless books, watched endless documentaries and any movie or video I could find in a search for what really happened.  The following is what I know, what I think I know and questions I still have unanswered.

Known/Accepted Facts

1.   President Kennedy arrived in Dallas on the morning of November 22nd 1963 for a motorcade through Dallas to a luncheon at the Dallas Trade Mart.

2.   At 12:30pm shots were fired into the motorcade injuring President Kennedy, Senator John Connolly and bystander James Tague.

3.   The motorcade took President Kennedy and Governor Connolly to Parkland Memorial Hospital where despite the best efforts of Parkland doctors JFK was pronounced deceased and Governor Connolly had successful procedures to ensure a full recovery.

4.   Dallas police officer J.D. Tippet is murdered in a Dallas suburb known as Oak Cliff.

5.   Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested in a Dallas movie theatre.

6.   President Kennedys body is flown back to Washington aboard Air Force One for autopsy at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center (Kennedy served in the Navy during WW2 so Bethesda was selected over Army facility Walter Reed Medical Center).

7.   Vice President Lyndon Johnson is sworn in as President aboard Air Force One.

8.   Lee Harvey Oswald is murdered in the basement of Dallas Police Department during transfer to Dallas Jail by night club owner Jack Ruby.

9.  President Johnson creates the Warren Comission to investigate the assassination and report findings to him and the U.S. public at large. The 1964 Warren Comission Report finds that Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed JFK, injured Govenor Connolly and James Tague as well as murdering policeman J.D. Tippet. Comission finds no evidence of conspiracy.

10. Congress creates the House Select Commission on Assassinations. HSCA finds in 1979 report that Kennedy was probably killed as a result of a conspiracy and reccomends the Justice Department investigate and charge any found conspirators. To date Justice Department has taken no action.

These are the basic known and accepted facts of the crime and incredibly are the few things involved that are not in dispute.

So now its time to delve into the labryinth and sort the remaining details into truth or deception, believeable or not. As we work our way through the maze please keep in mind I’m not an expert on the assasination, just a ordinary citizen fascinated by the crime of the century.

Part One – Arrival in Dallas

1.   At 11:38am Air Force One arrives at Love Field in Dallas from Fort Worth for a 10 mile motorcade to the Dallas Trade Mart for a luncheon. This is as planned by local organizers.

2.   At 11:55am the motorcade departs Love Field and proceeds towards downtown Dallas. At this point it should be noted that the bubble or top of Presidential limousine has been removed. Also Secret Service agents that normally run beside Presidents vehicle or stand on rear of car are left behind at Love Field leaving Kennedy in an open unprotected car.


Part Two – The Motorcade

The motorcade makes its way down Main Street towards the downtown area. The sun is shining and streets are lined with people. Kennedy smiles and waves at the crowds as does his wife Jackie. Office buildings lining the motorcade route have windows open and city sewers are not sealed per Secret Service protocols.

At 12:25pm the motorcade turns right onto Houston Street and into the historical area known as Dealey Plaza and slows to 11 miles per hour. This is a strange occurance as the motorcade could have remained on Main Street and proceeded in a straight line at the Secret Services standard recommended speed of 30 mph.

After a short drive on Houston Street passing the Dal-Tex Building  the motorcade slows even further as it turns left onto Elm Street passing by the Texas School Book Depository located at the corner of Houston and Elm Streets as it does so.

Part Three – The Shooting

At 1230pm what sounded like a firecracker is heard by both bystanders and those inside the motorcade. There is little if any reaction other than a few turned heards looking for the source of the noise.  Bystander James Tague located by the triple overpass is wounded by a piece of shrapnel. Seconds later another blast is heard. Inside the motorcade Kennedy suddenly grabs at his throat with both hands. The motorcade now realizing something is wrong incredibly  slows to an almost complete stop. A third blast follows almost immediately after the second and Kennedy, hit in the head slumps backwards and towards his left. Governor Connelly now also hit and severely wounded yells they’re going to kill us all. Secret Service Agent Clint Hill riding on the siderail of the car behind the Presidential limousine jumps from the car and dashes for the limousine just as the headshot strikes. Crawling onto the back of the now gathering speed car he assists Jackie back into the car as the limo begins to speed towards Parkland Hospital. Witnesses in Dealey Plaza report shots fired from the Texas School Book Depository, from the Dal-Tex building and from behind a fence at the top of a slope at the far end of the plaza.  This becomes known as The Grassy Knoll. One bystander in the Plaza, Abraham Zapruder records the shooting on his video camera. This becomes the most watched video in history and is known simply as The Zapruder Film.

As the motorcade races towards Parkland bystanders in the Plaza begin, to run towards the picket fence on the Knoll while others begin pointing at and gathering around the School Book Depository.

Texas School Book Depository employee Lee Harvey Oswald exits the building and casually walks away. Oswald first hails a cab but then surrenders it to an elderly lady and opts to take a public bus to Oak Cliff where he resides.


Part Four – Parkland Memorial Hospital

To Be Continued in J.F.K. – Part 2





Carey Price Pulling a Roy?

Carey Price, all world goalie for the Montreal Canadiens remains in Montreal while the Habs travel to Ottawa for a matchup with the Senators Saturday night. While his team mates hit the ice at the Canadian Tire Center Price will be home battling “the flu”. Or is he, could it be that something more, something much much bigger  is going on behind the scenes?

Fresh off a World Cup Championship and owner of Olympic gold as well could it be that Price longs for something more? Something made of silver? A silver chalice? A Stanley Cup perhaps? Has Price decided his best chance to sip from Lord Stanleys mug lies beyond the borders of Quebec? It makes you ponder if the summer trading of PK Subban by the Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien regime was the spark for Price to stage a Patrick Roy, “I’ve played my last game in Montreal” revolution. Are the Habs looking to move him? Is it possible the shocking trade of Norris Trophy winner Subban was the final nail in the coffin and Price wants out of Montreal? The Canadiens would receive a kings ransom for him in players and picks and set the franchise up for immediate success. When Roy pulled his infamous stunt in 1995 the Canadiens were being run by a duo almost as bad as the current one. Rejean Houle and Mario Tremblay. Is it possible the Canadiens are about to bid au revoir to another franchise goalie?

Curious and strange times in Montreal, is it really just the flu? Or is there something more going on? Time will tell the tale.

Any team would love to have Carey Price manning the goal. Going to have to watch this one.



That’s how I see it, from the bleacher seats.

NFL Week 6 Picks

Here are my not so expert week six picks for the NFL.

Thursday Night Football:

Denver @ San Diego – Broncos

Sunday Games:

San Francisco @ Buffalo  – Bills

Jacksonville @ Chicago  – Jaguars

LA Rams @ Detroit   – Lions

Pittsburgh @ Miami   – Steelers

Cinncinati @ New England   – Patriots

Carolina @ New Orleans   – Saints (my upset pick of the week)

Baltimore @ NY Giants   – Ravens

Philadelphia @ Washington   – Eagles

Cleveland @ Tennessee   – Titans

Kansas City @ Oakland   – Raiders

Dallas @ Green Bay   – Packers

Atlanta @ Seattle   – Falcons

Indianapolis @ Houston   – Texans

Monday Night Football:

NY Jets @ Arizona   – Cardinals

The wise will not take my picks as expert or pro. Save your mortgage payment and grocery money for more useful purposes.

Should be tons of close games this weekend. At least that’s how I see it, from the bleacher seats.