Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I hope everyone takes a moment to ponder all they are blessed to have.

I’m grateful I have a loving wife that I couldn’t get through life without. A son that makes me proud in many ways. Without family there is nothing.  For friends and family both near and far. For the roof over my head, for the truck and car in the driveway and the fridge and freezer my spouse keeps filled with delectable goodies. I’m grateful for simple things in life, the Timmies coffee Sue Fawn brings home every Friday, for smalltalk at the rink or football field. For the love and support of those nearest and dearest. For the time spent with Ryan be it fishing or losing at Madden. For the memories of family and friends that have left their mortal coil. For a country where one can voice their opinion, be who they are without fear of reprisal. Is life perfect? No, but it is pretty damn good and I am grateful for all I am fortunate enough to enjoy, and thats how I see it from the bleacher seats.

Pictures are from the dinner I will be grateful to enjoy this evening with my family. Happy Thanksgiving to all, be grateful for what you are blessed with. I know I am.20161010_094919

Scalloped potatoes, ready for the oven.


Pie dough ready.


Bird stuffed with extra stuffing foiled.


Filling for my apple pie.


Pie is ready for the oven.


Pie is done. Looks good and smells good. I hope it tastes good.



Bird and stuffing good to go!!


Scalloped potatoes ready for the table.

Our house isn’t the biggest, our bank account isn’t overflowing and we may not have the fanciest toys, but what I do have a wealth of is family and love for them. I wish each and every one a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day, enjoy the excellent meal a loved one prepares for you. But most of all, enjoy the company you are in. We aren’t promised tomorrow, so make sure you enjoy each moment today.




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