Carey Price Pulling a Roy?

Carey Price, all world goalie for the Montreal Canadiens remains in Montreal while the Habs travel to Ottawa for a matchup with the Senators Saturday night. While his team mates hit the ice at the Canadian Tire Center Price will be home battling “the flu”. Or is he, could it be that something more, something much much bigger  is going on behind the scenes?

Fresh off a World Cup Championship and owner of Olympic gold as well could it be that Price longs for something more? Something made of silver? A silver chalice? A Stanley Cup perhaps? Has Price decided his best chance to sip from Lord Stanleys mug lies beyond the borders of Quebec? It makes you ponder if the summer trading of PK Subban by the Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien regime was the spark for Price to stage a Patrick Roy, “I’ve played my last game in Montreal” revolution. Are the Habs looking to move him? Is it possible the shocking trade of Norris Trophy winner Subban was the final nail in the coffin and Price wants out of Montreal? The Canadiens would receive a kings ransom for him in players and picks and set the franchise up for immediate success. When Roy pulled his infamous stunt in 1995 the Canadiens were being run by a duo almost as bad as the current one. Rejean Houle and Mario Tremblay. Is it possible the Canadiens are about to bid au revoir to another franchise goalie?

Curious and strange times in Montreal, is it really just the flu? Or is there something more going on? Time will tell the tale.

Any team would love to have Carey Price manning the goal. Going to have to watch this one.



That’s how I see it, from the bleacher seats.


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