J.F.K. – Part 3

Questions, Answers & Little Known Facts

Lee Harvey Oswald : U.S. Marine trained in Russian language and based at top secret U.S. base in Atsugi Japan. Defected to Soviet Union in October 1959 and returned to the United States in June of 1962. Oswalds Marine rifle testing (for accuracy) results in a rating of “marksman”. The lowest military ranking of “expert”, “sharpshooter” and “marksman”.

This may seem simple enough until one asks a few questions such as how did someone with little over $200.00 in his bank account pay for a $1500.00 trip to the Soviet Union? Oswald asked for and received a new passport from U.S. Consulate in two days as well as clearance to bring his Russian wife back with him to the U.S. Oswald is never arrested for treason upon his return to the United States, never interorgated by the F.B.I. or the C.I.A. In fact, the U.S. State Department loaned Oswald the money to return home. Oswald worked on the top secret U2 spy plane program while at Atsugi. The Soviet Union shot down a U.S. U2 play over Soviet territory and thought was Oswald may have provided enough information to the Soviets to allow them to gun down Francis Gary Powers spy plane in 1960.

I find that the ease with which Oswald moved from the United States to the Soviet Union and back highly suspicious. My feeling is that Oswald went to Russia as part of a covert spying operation run by the C.I.A,. and or military intelligence. I can find no other reason for him not being arrested or interrogated upon his return to the United States.

Oswald begins working at the Texas School Book Depository on October 16th 1963. A little more than a month before the assassination happens. A very convenient job opportunity.

J.F.K. cancelled a scheduled visit to Chicago on November 2nd 1963 after a plot to assassinate him in a motorcade from O’Hare airport was reported to the F.B.I. and the Secret Service. According to former Kennedy body guard Abraham Boldin the warning came from an informant named “Lee”.

This has always struck me as more than just coincidence. Was Oswald a low level C.I.A. operative infiltrating subversive groups and reporting information back to his superiors?

At 12:25pm on Nov 22 1963 Oswald is seen eating his lunch alone in the 2nd floor lunch room of the T.S.B.D. An odd place to be five minutes before shooting the President from a 6th floor window. Mere moments after the shooting Oswald is seen purchasing a coke from main floor vending machine. This is allegedly after doing the shooting, hiding the rifle at the far end of the 6th floor, running down six flights of stairs while passing two coworkers who never saw him and calmly walking to coke machine where building superintendant Roy Truly confirms to a Dallas police officer that he was a building employee. No panic, no sweat? Incredible that the assassin could be so calm immediately after murdering the President.

Oswald then simply walks out of the Depository and heads for home. Oswald hails a taxi but gives it up to an elderly lady and takes a public bus instead. Odd behavior for a fleeing assassin don’t you think?

Oswald returns to his rooming house in Oak Cliff, picks up a jacket and his handgun. Lady that ran the rooming house reported that while Oswald was there a Dallas Police car pulled up out front and honked twice. She states the police car had the number ten on it. Records show that on Nov 22 1963 the Dallas Police Department had no car marked as number ten in its records.

Oswald then departs the rooming house and proceeds on foot to the Texas Movie Theater.

Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippet is gunned down on the street  in Dallas suburb called Oak Cliff after stopping a pedestrian to question him.  None of the eyewitnesses identify Lee Harvey Oswald from a photo lineup and instead claimed the shooter was a heavy set man. Bullets recovered from shooting are marked with identifying symbols by Dallas police. These marks are missing from the bullets when checked for verification later. Lee Harvey Oswalds handgun would not fire when he attempted to use it when being arrested at the Texas Theater. In fact, the firing pin was so  damaged it had to be replaced by Dallas Police in order to fire it before matching bullets to the Tippett shooting. If Oswalds gun wouldnt fire in the movie theater, how could he have used it to murder Tippett?

Lee Harvey Oswald is arrested in the Texas Movie Theater after a neighboring store employee reported witnessing someone sneak in without paying. The police response for this two dollar crime? Thirty police cars, FBI and Secret Service agents flood the area and theater to make thecarrest. This strikes me as an overly excessive response for a minor offence.

Oswald claimed he was “just a patsy” and “no sir, I didnt shoot anyone” after being arrested. Oswald held and questioned in Dallas police department. He makes public request for legal assistance at which point any and all questioning should have ceased. No mention of Oswald receiving his miranda rights is ever noted. No recording of his interrogation is made by recorder or written.

After his arrest Dallas police give Oswald a Paraffin test which is used  to check for chemicals, on his cheeks. Anyone firing a rifle or handgun ends up with residue from the gun on their hands and face if firing a rifle or on the hands if they’ve fired a handgun. The nature of Oswalds job handling books can also give a positive result due  to to the compounds that make up inks used in print. The results? Negative, clearly indicating Oswald had not fired a rifle on November 22 1963.

Oswald is shot by Dallas night club owner Jack Ruby in police department cellar while being transported to Dallas County Jail.

Who gave Ruby access? How did he know what time Oswald was being transferred?

The Shooting:  The official record states that Oswald shot President Kennedy from a sixth floor window of the Texas Schoolbook Depository as he traveled down Elm Street in a motorcade. According to the government findings Oswald fired three shots in 5.9 seconds into the motorcade. One missed and hit bystander James Tague. The second hit Kennedy in the back, exited his throat and injured Governor Connolly. The third hit Kennedy in the head.

I find it curious that Oswald as a lone assassin waited to fire until the motorcade turned onto Elm Street at which point he was forced to fire into a car moving away and in a downward slope from him and through a tree obstructing his view. A much easier shot would have been while the motorcade was on Houston Street. Moving directly towards the Book Depository on a level street and slowing to make a left hand turn. If you were going to try and kill the President wouldnt you take the easiest shot option available? To me this clearly indicates multiple shooters waiting for the car to be in the best place for multiple gunmen to fire. This is often referred to as triangulation of fire.

The Weapon : The official record states that Lee Harvey Oswald used a 6.5mm Italian made Mannlicher Carcano rifle allegedly obtained with a mail order to Kleins Sporting Goods company based in Chicago and delivered to a  A. J. Hidell (a known Oswald alias) at a Dallas mailbox rented by Oswald.

Original police report stated the rifle found in the Book Depository was a German made Mauser.  The original police report also notes only two spent cartridges were found on sixth floor floor. Updated report stating three shells were found after a  Dallas police officer stated he carried the third shell in his pocket for two days before reporting it.

The Mannlicher Carcano was a cheap Italian made WW2 rifle. To test fire it the Warren Comission experts had to use shims on the scope to make it useable. Why use such a poor weapon to commit such a major shooting? Ive never understood why Oswald would order the weapon and have it delivered to a mailbox rented in his name when he could have walked into any store in Texas, given a false name and purchased any weapon he chose which would have made it untraceable.

The F.B.I. sent all evidence including the rifle to Washington for testing. J.Edgar Hoover, head of the F.B.I. reported that the rifle had been completely disassembled but no fingerprints were found anywhere on the weapon. Yet incredibly, once the rifle was returned to Dallas the police report that they had a palm print on the gun barrel that matched Oswald. How can that be? Well, the funeral home that had Oswalds body stated that F.B.I. agents had been at the funeral home to inspect Oswalds body before burial and had the rifle with them. Mortician also reported he had a difficult time removing ink from Oswalds hand in time for the funeral. On this I truly believe the Dallas police or F.B.I. fabricated evidence by putting the rifle in Oswalds dead hand. An attempt to seal the deal and prove guilt.

The Presidents Car: While watching the Zapruder film it is easy to see there are no Secret Service agents on either the Presidents cars siderails or on steps at back of the car.  Odd behavior considering the hostile environment and warnings received about assassination attempts being made. The windshield has clearly easy to see bullet damage in it as seen in pictures taken at Parkland Hospital. This damage is only possible from a bullet coming from in front of the car.

Lyndon Johnson almost immediately has Kennedys car cleaned, torn down and reassembled destroying any possible evidence in it.

Parkland Hospital Oddities: Jack Ruby is seen by local newsman Seth Cantor carrying tv equipment into Parkland. Ruby denies being there to Warren Comission which states Cantor was mistaken.

Bullet found on a stretcher in hospital hallway. Stretcher is never confirmed as either Kennedys or Connollys. This bullet, found in almost pristine condition becomes Comission Exhibit 399 (CE399), also known as the “magic bullet”.  Possibly planted by Ruby?

Parkland Doctors report a small entrance wound in Presidents throat as well as massive exit wound in the right occipital (right rear) area of his head. Incredibly autopsy report states throat wound is an exit and head is an entrance wound. Completely different observations from two completely different sets of Doctors.

Kennedy is wrapped in a sheet, his head also wrapped in a white sheet and body placed into high grade bronze casket for trip to Washington. This conflicts with reports from Bethesda Hospital that body arrived in grey body bag inside cheap transport casket.

Secret Service demands body be released by Parkland for autopsy in Washington. Dr Earl Rose insists Texas law be followed and autopsy be completed in Dallas. After a lengthy confrontation the Secret Service leaves with the casket for Love Field and Washington.

Bethesda Naval Hospital Oddities :  Kennedys casket is unloaded from Air Force One and transported to Bethesda Naval Hospital. Various witnesses report different arrival times of the Kennedy casket. Some of those attending state coffin arrived at front door of hospital while others maintain it came in through the back.  Even the casket itself is called into question as some involved at Bethesda state the casket was a high quality bronze casket (the one Kennedy was placed in at Parkland) while others claim it was a plain shipping casket. The body in the bronze casket was wrapped in sheets as it was at Parkland while the body in the shipping casket was allegedly in a rubber body bag. David Liftons best selling book Best Evidence lays out a plot about body alteration to have Kennedys body match a shooting from the rear.

F.B.I. agents Seibert and O’Neil who attended the autopsy made record in their notes that Kennedy had  received surgery of the head area as noted by autopsy Drs Humes and Boswell. No surgery was done at Parkland Hospital except a tracheometry to the throat area.

While I feel its unlikely Liftons theory is completely correct it does raise some legitimate concerns about what occured between Dallas and Bethesda. Kennedy did not receive a proper autopsy, that much cannot be disputed. Wounds not matching photos or xrays. Conflicting reports between Parkland and Bethesda over wound locations and direction of shots only add to the confusion. Something is wrong here, but Ive never been able to fully understand how two separate groups of professionals could disagree so much on what should be obvious to them.

Other Strange Facts and Questions :  The Magic Bullet. CE399. For the Warren Report to be accurate, and the only way Lee Harvey Oswald could have acted alone you have to believe the following. Let’s assume for a moment the official record is correct. Oswalds first shot missed the motorcade entirely and wounded bystander James Tague who was standing by the triple overpass. The third and final shot hit Kennedy in the head. That leaves the second shot to account for all other wounds in Kennedy and Governor Connolly. Imagine in your mind the trajectory of this magic bullet as its described. The bullet enters Kennedys back then moves upwards in time to exit the Presidents throat. At this point the bullet stops in midair for 1.2 seconds before turning right, then left to enter Governor Connollys shoulder. Bullet then proceeds through Connolly injuring his fifth rib before exiting his chest and entering his right wrist. Damaging Connollys wrist it then exits and does a 180 degree turn and enters the Governors left thigh where it remains until found in pristine condition on a stretcher at Parkland Hospital. Seven wounds, stopping in midair, 180 degree turns passing through tough muscle and bone yet remaining virtually intact. Also, in any shooting the first shot should be the most accurate as it has the most available time for aiming. I have never found this explanation to be either valid or remotely believable. This truly is a Magic Bullet.

Yellow Paint On Curb : A little known fact is that someone painted two areas of yellow paint on the curb of Elm Street very shortly before the assassination. Facing the grassy knoll of the plaza the two stripes could have been used as a visual aid for a gunman on the knoll. The space between the areas painted yellow is where the final headshot struck. Coincidence? Something tells me otherwise.


My Conclusions: President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as the result of a conspiracy involving unknown individuals. I find that Lee Harvey Oswald not only didnt act alone but failed to fire a weapon at all on Nov 22 1963. I believe Oswald was a low level CIA informant reporting to higher level agents on Anti Castro extremist groups. I believe Jack Ruby murdered Oswald as a continuation of the conspiracy. I do not believe that rogue government agents were actively involved in the assassination but did in fact have prior knowledge of it and allowed it to occur. I believe the FBI and the CIA fabricated and destroyed evidence of a conspiracy involving multiple gunmen to avoid any implication that Cuba or the Soviet Union were involved thus avoiding an international incident. My feeling is that Kennedy was assassinated by a conspiracy involving weapons manufacturers fearing loss of income due to Kennedys refusal to invade Cuba and plan to withdraw from Vietnam. The Military Industrial Complex killed President Kennedy to ensure vast corporate earning due to military efforts overseas.

Had Lee Harvey Oswald survived and gone to trial he most certainly would have received a not guilty verdict. Virtually all the evidence used in investigations would have had to have been ruled inadmissable due to the violation of the “chain of command” rules. I believe Oswald was killed by conspirators to make sure he never got the chance to defend himself or expose what he knew about the Kennedy assassination.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to review and comment.




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Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I hope everyone takes a moment to ponder all they are blessed to have.

I’m grateful I have a loving wife that I couldn’t get through life without. A son that makes me proud in many ways. Without family there is nothing.  For friends and family both near and far. For the roof over my head, for the truck and car in the driveway and the fridge and freezer my spouse keeps filled with delectable goodies. I’m grateful for simple things in life, the Timmies coffee Sue Fawn brings home every Friday, for smalltalk at the rink or football field. For the love and support of those nearest and dearest. For the time spent with Ryan be it fishing or losing at Madden. For the memories of family and friends that have left their mortal coil. For a country where one can voice their opinion, be who they are without fear of reprisal. Is life perfect? No, but it is pretty damn good and I am grateful for all I am fortunate enough to enjoy, and thats how I see it from the bleacher seats.

Pictures are from the dinner I will be grateful to enjoy this evening with my family. Happy Thanksgiving to all, be grateful for what you are blessed with. I know I am.20161010_094919

Scalloped potatoes, ready for the oven.


Pie dough ready.


Bird stuffed with extra stuffing foiled.


Filling for my apple pie.


Pie is ready for the oven.


Pie is done. Looks good and smells good. I hope it tastes good.



Bird and stuffing good to go!!


Scalloped potatoes ready for the table.

Our house isn’t the biggest, our bank account isn’t overflowing and we may not have the fanciest toys, but what I do have a wealth of is family and love for them. I wish each and every one a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day, enjoy the excellent meal a loved one prepares for you. But most of all, enjoy the company you are in. We aren’t promised tomorrow, so make sure you enjoy each moment today.



Confessions of a Hockey Dad

My son, like thousands of other 12 year old boys and girls plays hockey.  Not for money, not for glory but for fun. Pure and simple fun. Like many dads and moms I sometimes fall into the dreamworld of him making it to “the show”. Is he good?  Yes, I believe he is a very good player, a pitbull terrier made of sandpaper and grit. Lacking in footspeed but has hockey sense and smarts well beyond most children his age. He has played at the AAA & AA level in spring hockey as well as on the Rep 2 level and house level in his local minor hockey league.

He has dreams, “I want my name on a banner dad” or when it comes to his football it’s “I want a ring dad”. He wants those and I want those for him just as any parent would.

I pack up his bag, everything in its right place, fill his water bottle while his mom makes sure he has a pregame or practice snack. Then like dutiful parents we tote him off to the rink for 5:45am practice or after school or dinner game times.

He is in Rep tryouts now, another two week window of strain and stress. Not for him, for me and for every hockey dad or mom. I watch him hit the ice, blades flashing as he and 40 or so other kids loosen their legs. My eyes rarely leave him, I know its hard for him sometimes knowing I’m there watching as the coaches and instructors parade him and the others around the circles and pylons. Then laps and sprints. The drills he loathes but must endure in order to succeed. I watch some others dash by him as they pump their legs in a frenzy. I watch him push himself to the limit of his abilities. Drills arent his thing, game play is where he excels.

So we wait at home constantly checking our email to see if he has made the first cut or not. I know there are defencemen better than he is. Bigger, stronger and faster. I’m a realist, I know where my sons skillset excels and where he is lacking. Getting selected to the A1 camp is not going to be easy for him despite his efforts. Just as I know there were others better than him, I also know there are several that he outperformed as well, so we wait. His mom and I checking the email so often the server should have crashed. Finally the email comes, our son is going to the A2 camp. A quick perusal of the names going to the A1 camp quickly lights the fire inside. Not just inside me but inside other parents as well I would imagine. How did that kid get to go? Really? What are the evaluators looking at?

So, now we have to tell him he wasn’t chosen for the A1 camp. The last time we had to tell him the same thing he was devastated, crushed.  In our hockey association nepotism and friendship carries a lot of weight when selecting the final few players for the A1 or the A2 camp. Everyone denies it, but everyone knows it is also true. The worst part about it, the saddest part about it is the kids know it’s true. It exists in all hockey associations, not just ours. Be friends with the coaches, be on the executive committee and your child gets the spot deserving or not. I despise this and always have. Once again this season the “bbq club” as it is called has filled the last spots in the top camp with the children of their friends or executive members. I know that there was another defenceman at tryouts that should have been selected for the A1 camp, even before my own son. One child selected drifted through the tryout with little or no effort. Another chosen while showing vast improvement in his skating technique still shows poor in game judgement and play. While mine and another I found more deserving are off to the A2 camp.

I write some venom and post it in anger on a social media page. Disappointed, but not in my son. Disappointed in his association which operates under the facade of openness and fairness. I get some positive feedback on my social media rant but I don’t feel better. I still have to tell my son he didn’t make the camp he was striving for. My wife checks her social media, as we all do constantly. She is upset at my verbiage and asks me to remove it. I dont want too, I want everyone to see it, read it and justify my anger. She asks again for it to disappear. This time in the name of matrimonial bliss I wisely choose to remove it.

We sit our son down and break it to him as tenderly as possible. He looks at us and asks why he and “Johnny” didn’t make it. I was better than “Billy and Tommy” and so was “Johnny”, how come they got picked and we didn’t?  My son knows politics, he’s twelve years old and already knows how the game is played. We asked him if he was mad or upset. Incredibly he looked at us and said “that’s ok, now I can play with my friends”. I am amazed, even taken back a bit at his response. Why, if he is in the place that makes him happiest do I let my feelings of disappointment and anger consume me?

Now we are at the A2 camp, he is skating hard and showing his new coaches he is capable of playing at this level. I lean on the glass, I hear other parents whispering about my media outburst. A few of them, even parents from the A1 camp speak to me and agree with my assessment. I feel my sense of self-righteousness grow as my thoughts, feelings and words are confirmed by others. My son is showing well. Did  I tell him I was proud of his effort or did I fail too because I was angry? Does he think I am disappointed in him? I make a mental note to voice my pride in him.

My sons team has played four exhibition games so far. A nice 3-2 win. A dreadful 10-2 shelling followed by  8-1 and 6-0 losses. The cuts begin, six here and more to come. I’m confident my son will make the team but I see the faces and hear the words of others who are not so sure. I have a feeling of who may be released, in my gut and in my head I feel I know. Kids that are reaching for the next level but are going to fall short of their dream. I know the email that is coming for them, the pain their dad and mom will feel when they tell them. No parent wants to tell their child their best wasn’t good enough. It hurts, it cuts inside like a hot knife through butter. For those parents and those kids I feel for you, I understand and sympathize.

So the season will begin. I will drive my son to practices and games at all hours of the day and night. I will sit in the stands or lean on the glass and watch him. He’s a thousand times better than I ever was, I love watching him play. I wonder if he knows that? Some of my most enjoyable moments are watching him play hockey or football. I’ll yell and scream, hoot holler and cheer like every other mom and dad at the rink. Good plays and bad plays by him and his team mates. I’ll critique his play, the good and the not so good. Do my best to compliment his team mates and do my best to keep any criticism to myself. I’ll watch him skate, sweat, clear the front of his net and perhaps even score a goal or two. He laughs and he smiles. He dances on the ice to the arena music. He is happy, he is having fun with his friends and playing the game he loves.

Why do I care so much about where he plays or who he plays with? Why? Because I am a hockey dad.

Maybe I should just enjoy being a dad and let everything else go.

These are the confessions of a hockey dad. Game on!!!

The Sad Saga of Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is injured, again. A back injury suffered on the third play of the Cowboys third preseason game. The litany of injuries he’s suffered continues to grow and it makes me wonder just how much time at age 36 he has left, if any.  In 2010 he sprained a shoulder and missed 10 games. In 2013 in the last game of the year he herniated
a disc in his back leading to back surgery. In 2014 he fractured his back in two places and missed 10 games. In 2015 he broke his collarbone not just once but twice. How much can one player endure?  You may not like the Cowboys, you may even loathe them as I do but the will to compete and the strength he has inside almost forces you to respect Tony Romo.

This is a guy who ranks #1 on the Cowboys all time in passing yards (34,154) which is better than Roger Staubach, and better than Troy Aikman. He is #1 on the Cowboys all time touchdown list (247). He’s ranked 27th all time in passing yardage and is tied for 21rst all time in touchdown passes.

How does one reflect on the career of Tony Romo as the clock winds closer to his final snap? Does he get remembered as one of the finest quarterbacks of his generation? Or do we look at him the way we look at Dan Marino, Dan Fouts or Fran Tarkenton? A very good or even great quarterback that never won the game by which the greatest are measured and remembered? Is the vision of him crumbled on the Financial Field grass clutching his shoulder how he is remembered? Or is it for one simple play gone horribly wrong on a cool overcast 2007 night in Seattle? “The Flub”, a botched snap on a extra point length field goal that would surely have sent the Cowboys to Chicago for the NFC Championship game. That one play in and of itself defines Tony Romos career, so close. So close you can taste the win, the winds of victory pushing the air around a packed stadium only to have fate snatch it away at the last second. I remember the high fives, the cheers as I watched the Cowboys implode on national tv, loved it. Loved watching Dallas once again find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Now I feel for Tony Romo, I watch that play and know of the injuries and the missed games to come. The flubbed opportunity for greatness which so seldom comes along to even the greatest qbs not named Brady or Montana. While my disdain for the Cowboys continues to exist and I revel in every loss and every failure my respect for Tony Romo has grown. If his time has come, and it certainly is beginning to appear that it has I want to remember Romo as a fighter, a battler and one of the best quarterbacks ever to play. I will save my enjoyment of the flubbed snap for the Cowboys in general. Tony Romo has had a heck of a career, and if it’s over then Mr Dak Prescott has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Kudos to you Tony Romo, if you find a way to come back and play yet again I hope we all, Cowboy lovers and haters look at you with newfound admiration and respect.

It has been a long strange saga for us, and for Tony Romo.





Welcome to the Bleacher Seats

Welcome to the Bleacher Seats. This is a place for fans to express their thoughts and opinions on whats going on in the world of sports. This is my first attempt at putting words to paper so to speak. Feel free to add your comments but please keep it clean.

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