Eagles @ Bears on MNF

It’s the Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) at the Chicago Bears (0-1) on Monday Night Football (8:30pm est, 5:30pm pst).

Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz certainly looked like an NFL quarterback last week in a 29-10 victory against the not so mighty Browns of Cleveland. Passing for 278 yards with no interceptions Wentz looked poised and confident.

This week Wentz and the Eagles are on the road to face the Bears in Chicago at Soldier Field. Chicago let a 14-10 halftime lead vanish last week in a 23-14 loss against the Texans. Jay Cutler was sacked 5 times by Houston which may indicate the Eagles should be able to pressure him on a regular basis.

Philadelphia will play without tight end Zack Ertz and cornerback Leodis McKelvin. Ertz will be replaced by capable veteran Brent Celek so the Eagles offensive scheme should go relatively unchanged with the exception of their two tight end sets. Replacing McKelvin may prove to be much more challenging with Philadelphia thin at cornerback with the recent trading of Eric Rowe.

Chicago will be looking to do a much better job of protecting Cutler than a week ago. While the Eagles lack a JJ Watt they do have an above average defensive line led by Fletcher Cox and linebackers able to pressure the quarterback or drop back in coverage. I would expect the Bears to try and run the ball early to open up time and passing lanes for Cutler. Alston Jeffery had 4 catches for 105 yards last week and will give the Eagles coverage and matchup problems all evening. If Cutler can find enough time and a way to get 2015 first round pick Kevin White involved the Bears should have some success through the air. The Bears have won 4 of their last 5 appearances on Monday Night Football.

Weather: Overcast with a chance of showers or thunderstorms. Warm with a slight wind. If the weather turns for the worse the edge will go to the team best able to rush the ball.

44th all time meeting.

All Time Record: 30-12-1 Bears

Last Game:Eagles 54, Bears 11 in 2013.

I think the Eagles run game finds a way to grind out the needed yardage from Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles to allow Wentz to find Jordan Matthews and Nelson Algohor enough times to secure the rookies second, and the Eagles second win of the season. The weather situation may lead to tight end Celek featuring in a more than expected role.

Final Score:  Philadelphia Eagles 31, Chicago Bears 27.

That’s my view, from the bleacher seats.

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World Cup 2016 – Thoughts & Predictions

The 2016 World Cup of Hockey is finally upon us. Televisions, laptops, tablets around the globe soon to be tuned into what should be an incredible display of skill and speed. Eight teams of the best players in the world divided into two divisions of four with the top two in each division advancing to the playoff round. One division, Group A has perennial favourite Canada led by Sidney Crosby,  Jonathan Toews and Shea Weber. Solid contenders from the USA with Patrick Kane, Ryan Kesler and Dustin Byfuglien leading the way. Then there is the Czech Republic, led by Jakob Vorachek and Ales Hemsky. Finally  team Europe, for the most part the  forgotten horse in this race getting its leadership from  Anze Kopitar, Zdeno Chara and if healthy Marion Hossa.

The other division, Group B is comprised of  Sweden, usually a strong contender in international play and capable of winning any tournament will have the Sedin twins and stud defenceman Erik Karlsson guiding the ship. Always puzzling Russia who never seem to show as well as their roster suggests will have the great eight Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeny Malkin and Andrei Markov to fuel their engine.  Team Finland, with  their own young gun Patrick Laine, Mikko Koivu and Pekka Rinne in leading roles are always strong with the ability to win it all and finally the most intriguing team in the tournament Team North America, comprised of young NHL bucks Conner McDavid,  Jack Eichel and Aaron Eckblad set to scorch the ice with speed and skill to spare.

While I wouldn’t suggest you run out and gamble your mortgage payment or your childs college fund based on my humble musings  here for your perusal are my bold, fearless and likely entirely wrong predictions.

Group A will be won by Canada with the US finishing in second place followed by Czech Republic and Team Europe. Overall team depth and balanced scoring are the keys to Canada taking the group with Carey Price bouncing back from last seasons injury making the big stops when required. Strong physical play combined with the excellent goaltending of Jonathan Quick will factor in the US placing a strong second. The Czech Republic and Team Europe will compete but lack the skill and grit to take out the big boys this time.

Group B will be won by Sweden led by the Vancouver Canucks new top line of Swedish Captain Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin and free agent signee  Louis Eriksson. I do see Sweden struggling defensively in their own end combined with suddenly suspect goaltending from Henrik Lundqvist but their offence will find a way to carry the day. Team North America with  speed to spare and incredible puck moving skill takes second in the group. Conner McDavid, Austin Matthews, Ryan Nugent Hopkins and Shane Gostisbhere leading the charge with hotshot goalie Matt Murray backstopping them into second. Russia and Finland will certainly enjoy highlight moments and offer up a tough challenge but a lack of overall depth will cause them to fall short of their goal.

Playoff game 1 will have Canada playing Team North America (first in Group A vs second in Group B). This is where things get interesting and where my first upset will be found. I boldly or foolishly am seeing a Team North America victory in my crystal ball. A high scoring game 8-6 or 8-7 with the youngsters outgunning the grizzled Canadians. This game becomes Conner McDavids coming out party. Much like Mario Lemieuxs’ in the 1987 Canada Cup. McDavid will take the mantle and title of the worlds best player from the Coal Harbor Kid and hold it for the next decade. This game is the rare specimen of Canada being overwhelmed by waves of speed and skill without finding an answer or pushback. A huge surprise and upset to most but one I can see happening.


Playoff game 2 will pale in comparison to the flash and dash of game 1 but I see Team USA getting by Team Sweden in a 5-3 contest. The physical play of the American bashers led by Ryan Kesler and TJ Oshie combined with the lack of strength on defence and in goal will be too much for the valiant Swedes to overcome.


Which sets us up for an incredible three game series of hard-hitting fast skating awe inspiring hockey between the USA and underdog Team North America. To finish off their stellar tournament Team North America wins the finale 2 games to 1. The next generation of stars becomes too much for the Americans to contain. A display of hockey talent rarely seen by McDavid, Matthews, Gostisbhere, Gaudreau and others show the world they are the stars, not only of tomorrow but of today.

Other predictions:

Tournament MVP – Conner McDavid

Scoring Leader – Conner McDavid

Top Goalie – Jonathan Quick

Top Defenceman – Seth Jones

Enjoy the tournament, I think were in for an exciting ride. That’s my view, from the bleacher seats.





Confessions of a Hockey Dad

My son, like thousands of other 12 year old boys and girls plays hockey.  Not for money, not for glory but for fun. Pure and simple fun. Like many dads and moms I sometimes fall into the dreamworld of him making it to “the show”. Is he good?  Yes, I believe he is a very good player, a pitbull terrier made of sandpaper and grit. Lacking in footspeed but has hockey sense and smarts well beyond most children his age. He has played at the AAA & AA level in spring hockey as well as on the Rep 2 level and house level in his local minor hockey league.

He has dreams, “I want my name on a banner dad” or when it comes to his football it’s “I want a ring dad”. He wants those and I want those for him just as any parent would.

I pack up his bag, everything in its right place, fill his water bottle while his mom makes sure he has a pregame or practice snack. Then like dutiful parents we tote him off to the rink for 5:45am practice or after school or dinner game times.

He is in Rep tryouts now, another two week window of strain and stress. Not for him, for me and for every hockey dad or mom. I watch him hit the ice, blades flashing as he and 40 or so other kids loosen their legs. My eyes rarely leave him, I know its hard for him sometimes knowing I’m there watching as the coaches and instructors parade him and the others around the circles and pylons. Then laps and sprints. The drills he loathes but must endure in order to succeed. I watch some others dash by him as they pump their legs in a frenzy. I watch him push himself to the limit of his abilities. Drills arent his thing, game play is where he excels.

So we wait at home constantly checking our email to see if he has made the first cut or not. I know there are defencemen better than he is. Bigger, stronger and faster. I’m a realist, I know where my sons skillset excels and where he is lacking. Getting selected to the A1 camp is not going to be easy for him despite his efforts. Just as I know there were others better than him, I also know there are several that he outperformed as well, so we wait. His mom and I checking the email so often the server should have crashed. Finally the email comes, our son is going to the A2 camp. A quick perusal of the names going to the A1 camp quickly lights the fire inside. Not just inside me but inside other parents as well I would imagine. How did that kid get to go? Really? What are the evaluators looking at?

So, now we have to tell him he wasn’t chosen for the A1 camp. The last time we had to tell him the same thing he was devastated, crushed.  In our hockey association nepotism and friendship carries a lot of weight when selecting the final few players for the A1 or the A2 camp. Everyone denies it, but everyone knows it is also true. The worst part about it, the saddest part about it is the kids know it’s true. It exists in all hockey associations, not just ours. Be friends with the coaches, be on the executive committee and your child gets the spot deserving or not. I despise this and always have. Once again this season the “bbq club” as it is called has filled the last spots in the top camp with the children of their friends or executive members. I know that there was another defenceman at tryouts that should have been selected for the A1 camp, even before my own son. One child selected drifted through the tryout with little or no effort. Another chosen while showing vast improvement in his skating technique still shows poor in game judgement and play. While mine and another I found more deserving are off to the A2 camp.

I write some venom and post it in anger on a social media page. Disappointed, but not in my son. Disappointed in his association which operates under the facade of openness and fairness. I get some positive feedback on my social media rant but I don’t feel better. I still have to tell my son he didn’t make the camp he was striving for. My wife checks her social media, as we all do constantly. She is upset at my verbiage and asks me to remove it. I dont want too, I want everyone to see it, read it and justify my anger. She asks again for it to disappear. This time in the name of matrimonial bliss I wisely choose to remove it.

We sit our son down and break it to him as tenderly as possible. He looks at us and asks why he and “Johnny” didn’t make it. I was better than “Billy and Tommy” and so was “Johnny”, how come they got picked and we didn’t?  My son knows politics, he’s twelve years old and already knows how the game is played. We asked him if he was mad or upset. Incredibly he looked at us and said “that’s ok, now I can play with my friends”. I am amazed, even taken back a bit at his response. Why, if he is in the place that makes him happiest do I let my feelings of disappointment and anger consume me?

Now we are at the A2 camp, he is skating hard and showing his new coaches he is capable of playing at this level. I lean on the glass, I hear other parents whispering about my media outburst. A few of them, even parents from the A1 camp speak to me and agree with my assessment. I feel my sense of self-righteousness grow as my thoughts, feelings and words are confirmed by others. My son is showing well. Did  I tell him I was proud of his effort or did I fail too because I was angry? Does he think I am disappointed in him? I make a mental note to voice my pride in him.

My sons team has played four exhibition games so far. A nice 3-2 win. A dreadful 10-2 shelling followed by  8-1 and 6-0 losses. The cuts begin, six here and more to come. I’m confident my son will make the team but I see the faces and hear the words of others who are not so sure. I have a feeling of who may be released, in my gut and in my head I feel I know. Kids that are reaching for the next level but are going to fall short of their dream. I know the email that is coming for them, the pain their dad and mom will feel when they tell them. No parent wants to tell their child their best wasn’t good enough. It hurts, it cuts inside like a hot knife through butter. For those parents and those kids I feel for you, I understand and sympathize.

So the season will begin. I will drive my son to practices and games at all hours of the day and night. I will sit in the stands or lean on the glass and watch him. He’s a thousand times better than I ever was, I love watching him play. I wonder if he knows that? Some of my most enjoyable moments are watching him play hockey or football. I’ll yell and scream, hoot holler and cheer like every other mom and dad at the rink. Good plays and bad plays by him and his team mates. I’ll critique his play, the good and the not so good. Do my best to compliment his team mates and do my best to keep any criticism to myself. I’ll watch him skate, sweat, clear the front of his net and perhaps even score a goal or two. He laughs and he smiles. He dances on the ice to the arena music. He is happy, he is having fun with his friends and playing the game he loves.

Why do I care so much about where he plays or who he plays with? Why? Because I am a hockey dad.

Maybe I should just enjoy being a dad and let everything else go.

These are the confessions of a hockey dad. Game on!!!

The Sad Saga of Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is injured, again. A back injury suffered on the third play of the Cowboys third preseason game. The litany of injuries he’s suffered continues to grow and it makes me wonder just how much time at age 36 he has left, if any.  In 2010 he sprained a shoulder and missed 10 games. In 2013 in the last game of the year he herniated
a disc in his back leading to back surgery. In 2014 he fractured his back in two places and missed 10 games. In 2015 he broke his collarbone not just once but twice. How much can one player endure?  You may not like the Cowboys, you may even loathe them as I do but the will to compete and the strength he has inside almost forces you to respect Tony Romo.

This is a guy who ranks #1 on the Cowboys all time in passing yards (34,154) which is better than Roger Staubach, and better than Troy Aikman. He is #1 on the Cowboys all time touchdown list (247). He’s ranked 27th all time in passing yardage and is tied for 21rst all time in touchdown passes.

How does one reflect on the career of Tony Romo as the clock winds closer to his final snap? Does he get remembered as one of the finest quarterbacks of his generation? Or do we look at him the way we look at Dan Marino, Dan Fouts or Fran Tarkenton? A very good or even great quarterback that never won the game by which the greatest are measured and remembered? Is the vision of him crumbled on the Financial Field grass clutching his shoulder how he is remembered? Or is it for one simple play gone horribly wrong on a cool overcast 2007 night in Seattle? “The Flub”, a botched snap on a extra point length field goal that would surely have sent the Cowboys to Chicago for the NFC Championship game. That one play in and of itself defines Tony Romos career, so close. So close you can taste the win, the winds of victory pushing the air around a packed stadium only to have fate snatch it away at the last second. I remember the high fives, the cheers as I watched the Cowboys implode on national tv, loved it. Loved watching Dallas once again find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Now I feel for Tony Romo, I watch that play and know of the injuries and the missed games to come. The flubbed opportunity for greatness which so seldom comes along to even the greatest qbs not named Brady or Montana. While my disdain for the Cowboys continues to exist and I revel in every loss and every failure my respect for Tony Romo has grown. If his time has come, and it certainly is beginning to appear that it has I want to remember Romo as a fighter, a battler and one of the best quarterbacks ever to play. I will save my enjoyment of the flubbed snap for the Cowboys in general. Tony Romo has had a heck of a career, and if it’s over then Mr Dak Prescott has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Kudos to you Tony Romo, if you find a way to come back and play yet again I hope we all, Cowboy lovers and haters look at you with newfound admiration and respect.

It has been a long strange saga for us, and for Tony Romo.





World Cup of Hockey

The World Cup of Hockey is almost upon us. Favorites contain the usual suspects, Canada, USA, Sweden and Russia. The team that really intrigues me and catches my eye is Team North America. Loaded with young players and the future stars of the league they have dominated their exhibition games with blazing speed and skill. From Conner Mcdavid to Shane Gostisbhere to Matt Murray this team looks ready to surprise and is my darkhorse to win the whole thing. Can the Canadians, Americans, Swedes and Russians match their speed and skill? Physicality may be Team North Americas’ only weakness but in an international tournament like this it is seldom a deciding factor. I will be rootimg for Canada, but definetly keeping a close eye on the youngsters.Enjoy the tournament, Im sure we are in for an exciting ride.

Welcome to the Bleacher Seats

Welcome to the Bleacher Seats. This is a place for fans to express their thoughts and opinions on whats going on in the world of sports. This is my first attempt at putting words to paper so to speak. Feel free to add your comments but please keep it clean.

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